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We had our ‘Eureka’ moment working on an assignment at couple of local government schools. Our team, with psychology, education and technology backgrounds, could identify the traits of the root causes for poor quality of education, lack of skills, inclusivity and continuity in one of the largest education systems in the world - Indian government schools. Incidentally, 80% of the NGOs working in education sector are engaged in providing infrastructure and other tangible material support, very few work in the areas we identified to improve the outcomes of the education. WE DID IT. Our team could formalize a framework and methodology to collect large sample of data using standardized assessments, i.e. Baseline, Psychometric, Learning Styles, Learning Difficulties, Digital Literacy, coupled with Interviews and interactions with educators and relevant NGOs.We welcome fellow NGOs to use our solutions to improve their. For the rest of you, we welcome to join hands with us to serve the country through moulding future India.

Team AbhiGamya

Our Solutions

Education is not complete if it is not developing competency of a student through nurturing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Offering a unique scientific solution, to help students identify and overcome the gaps in learning and equip them with necessary skills to work towards the suitable career options - Engaging Quality Education and Skills

Baseline Evaluation

Identify current grade level of student through standard assessments at start of the high school for early intervention.

Learning Gaps

Highlight the learning gaps and prepare customized bridge-gap program for the student in concurrence with the teachers


No child should be left behind. Early identification of learning disorders/ADHD, if any, to initiate remedial & inclusion programs.


Preparing students to be better learners leveraging on digital education tools starting with improving their digital literacy levels.


Systematic program to equip students with 21st century Learning, Life and Literacy skills and prepare them for the future.


Psychometric assessments to map the potential of the student and identify suitable career options - Enabling career planning.


Suresh Kadari

Dr. Usha Pasupulati

Dr. Vijay Bonam

Aparna Pasi

Our Impact

Most of the socio-economic problems in our society could be traced back to the quality of education, skills, engagement, and guidance the students are receive, especially during their formative years. Our solution are creating impact by improving the standards of the learners, be it bridge-gap programs or LD/ADHD diagnostic tools or digital literacy workshops or career building & skill building programs or teacher training programs, we are bringing the required change. Below numbers (YTD – Jan’19) indicate our efforts however the engagement with specific children highlight the results – 35% academic improvement in 217 students through Bridge-Gap program, identification of 34 probable severe LD/ADHD students, 42% digital literacy improvement in 143 students, 264 Hrs of skill building workshops for 822 students, 1876 personalized career drafts, 13 tot programs, are few to highlight.

We are recognized by the Ongood Community for our commitment and impact. The Ongood community supports non-governmental organizations that enhance the social good, .NGO and .ONG are certified GTLDs that enhance the credibility of NGOs and increase their impacts on the communities they serve - Read about us on the Ongood community webpage


Active Projects

Scientific approach towards career planning including psychometric assessments, counseling, and skill building.
  • No child should be left behind
  • Ensuring right to education

Inclusive education project for early identification of LD/ADHD to offer bridge-gap, special education, and support.
  • Potential based career guidance
  • Equal opportunity for all

Women empowerment through formal employment, legal benefits along with health, training, and education.
  • Dignity of Labour with benefits
  • Women Empowerment

Vocational, industry specific training, entrepreneurship programs for careers, better wages, and start-ups.
  • Helping holistic learning
  • Preparing future ready students

Get 50% tax exemption - Under Form 10AC (80G)

Be part of this movement and make a difference in children lives! Give once or commit monthly contribution to help the children reach their true potential. Be part of a project or sponsor a project to ensure Quality Education, Skills & Inclusivity. Your contribution would make the difference in many lives - Education is the only way to transform lives of the underprivileged, forever.

As you start planning for your tax filing, think about us and make a donation that touches lives of young students. You contribution would be utilized as per the identified projects that would give equal opportunity for underprivileged students to claim their share of future. It would help you in saving on your taxes while sharing smiles on our beneficiaries. AbhiGamya is OnGood community and Google trusted NGO are we are exempted from tax under Form 10AC (Section 80G) of the Income Tax Act.

Your contribution would help us to achieve our 2022 - 23 impact targets.

Our Moments

Our Partners


Conferences, Cabins or Coffee, fufills our workspace needs.

Ramky Foundation

Valuable partner, sponsor and advisor for our dhArA project.


The driving force behind program supporting with tools & resources.

Learning Curve

The rate of a person's progress in gaining experience or new skills.

Dil Se Foundation

Supporting us with the invaluable guidance and insights.


Part of Rotary, implementing our program in government schools.


Provides free tools to work quickly & efficiently reach audience.


BigTech Donations | Building ICT Capacities at the Grassroots.



Veeru Reddy

Naveen Pallayil

Ravi Teja




Work with US


Join us in our endeavor to deliver Quality Education, Skills & Continuity for the underprivileged students.


We believe in scientific approach & data analysis. Would be glad to work with you on solutions, together.


You could sponsor a program, a child, or donate to keep us going. Resources matter lot in our endeavor.


Please join hands to leverage mutual strengths for betterment of the students - Let us bring the change.

Abhigamya Foundation

We had our ‘Eureka’ moment working on an assignment at couple of local government schools. We could identify the traits of the root causes for poor quality of education, lack of skills and continuity in one of the largest education systems in the world - Indian government schools. We have noted that everyone is busy in elaborating the problem in different dimensions however without concrete solutions.


Encouraging high-achieving students from the government schools without discrimination, every year. Currently our scholarships focus on two diversified areas to encourage learning, development, vocational inclination and creativity in the students. The journey towards career excellence and happiness should not be limited due to the lack of resources or guidance.

You could start your own scholarship program and encourage students to excel in their lives. Open your hearts and discuss with us. We would be glad to take your good deeds into the lives of those who need continuous support.

Dr. Savitri Outlier Scholarship

To change the world, we need outliers. Identifying and encouraging the budding outliers in our society through our detailed analysis. Providing resources, guidance & training to nourish the trait to blossom for the best of the society.

AbhiGamya Achiever Scholarship

The scholarships provide financial assistance, resource support, external assistance, external program enrolment and such to help students achieve their dream career.

We need prayers as well as working hands to deliver our solutions. We also need your contribution that could keep us going, especially to improve our delivery and the range. You could pick a project of your choice and contribute in kind or sponsor a program. As a sponsor you would be entitled to receive updates on our activities. Donate now or contact us to get engaged with our team.

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We would be glad to hear from you. Your opinions and contributions matter most to us. Do connect with us and join our cause. Together we can transform lives and make meaningful education accessible - AbhiGamya.

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